Big Creek Reservoir 2, the upper reservoir, tends to be stocked more heavily and has very good bank access, but kayaking is amazing here!! 

While bank fishing predominates here, smart anglers launch kayaks. No gas motors are allowed to help preserve water quality.

Come prepared to float some baits off the bottom or sink beneath a bobber, as either method can be the most effective at times. Bobber fishing adds a visual element to “seeing” the bite, which is especially exciting to many new anglers.

Lures are a more active way to fish these types of waters. Try casting and retrieving a Kastmaster, Mepps, Rooster Tail, or whatever spinner or spoon gets the job done for you.

Rainbow trout (even those raised in a hatchery) also are eager to snatch up insects, and fly fishing can be productive here. 

This is a great place for an awesome kayak fishing adventure and OCKC is ready to get you on the water. 💯

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