Jimmy Styks Scout Offshore SUP



Grab your fishing gear – all of your fishing gear – put it on the Scout Offshore and you’ll be set for an entire day of fishing. With the incredible carrying capacity of this board, you don’t need to leave anything behind. With its blown-out volume and width, you’ll be comfortably balanced in the rough open seas where all the best catches are.


Think of this as the Cadillac of SUPs. It’s big, wide and turns like a 70ft yacht, and it glides through rough seas with a feeling of deep suspension.


It has a polystyrene core with three layers of glass on the deck for handling the extra weight and two layers on the bottom.


It reaches 12’6” and can carry up to 375lbs with its 295 liters of board volume. It weighs 33lbs and is 32” wide. It has a 5” nose rocker and 3” tail rocker. It comes in blue and white.

Price:$45 first hour, $30 second hour, $20 third hour, 2 hour minimum

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